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Impact Reaserch

Addicted to Life is an educational multisensory and interactive program intended to promote a drug free life. It represents an extraordinary educational tool that has a positive impact, outstanding and unsurpassable transformation in young’s’ knowledge, attitude and intentional behavior to use drugs in the future. The National Council for Accident Prevention in Mexico approved Addicted to Life to be at the forefront of healthy life promotion and as a part of the Federal Government Strategy to fight drugs. The results of these surveys were analyzed by a team at the Addictions Biopsychosocial Unit at the National Institute of Psychiatry. The results were very positive indicating the important effect of the program. 

Knowledge of the effects of drugs


The studies show there is a significant transformation in the attendees’ knowledge of the effects of ecstasy and marijuana, 29% and 27% respectively.

Would you be driving after drinking alcohol? 



A substantial change is observed among this group of students who before the program thought there was no problem to drive after drinking alcohol. After the experience, 53% of this risk group have changed their mind. In other words, the percentage of students who still hold this dangerous position (18%) decreased significantly.

Students Ratings 

LCE regularly survey the students' input and opinion. At the end of the projection of Addicted to Life, few questions are about the meaning of the experience in their eyes. 90% indicated that

they learned something useful, and 70% of the students indicated that they liked it very much.




Students say:


Students expressed in their own words how they felt during and after the show.


“Now we understand deeply what drugs are all about”

“I always knew not to touch drugs, but TODAY,  I know why it is bad”


“After I see the results, I am sure I will not get near drugs”


 “It was an amazing experience…. Very informative”


“The 3D film and the interactive activities with the remote controls really drew us in”


Teachers Say:


Teachers have openly expressing their views praising the program.


“The Program has a strong impact… leaving the students thinking”


“They understand after the show that drugs are not a game”


“This is a fascinating experience that induce more internalization”


“This program should be a mandatory part of the curriculum….”


“If we manage to save one life it was already worth it”


Experts Say:


"We can conclude that the program Addicted to Life fulfills the purpose for which it was called upon in Ciudad Juarez because it’s at the cutting edge of educational programs for preventing addictions, not only because of its interactive and multimedia characteristics but also because it has proven its efficiency incrementing the knowledge of the risks of consuming drugs (risk factors) and it motivates to not begin or stop usage. It also helps young people to avoid situations that put them at risk of accidents and so it results a helpful tool in the prevention of injuries and accidents."  (Research Unit at the National Institute of Psychiatry)

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