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Empowering parents, professionals, and organizations in developing the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed to address the challenges facing modern day young children.

Early Education Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops



Parenting workshops tailored for individual families or small group sessions for your organization or agency. 


The goal of CPR’s early education parenting classes is to assist parents in gaining an understanding of what to expect during each stage of their child's development.  


Who should take parenting education classes?

Current married and single parents, expectant parents and foster parents.


What topics do you cover?


  • Building effective parenting plans (EPP)

  • Developmental needs of children 

  • Developing parenting partnerships (Single/Divorce Parents) 

  • Infant and Child Nutrition

  • Positive Child Guidance

  • Problem Solving Unique to Young Children

  • Impact of family conflict on young children

  • Potty Learning

  • Early Literacy

  • Understanding Young Children's Behavior

  • Building Self-Esteem in the Early Years

  • Communicating With Young Children

  • Helping Young Children Learn to Cooperate

  • Effective Discipline

  • Nurturing Emotional and Social Development

  • Talking to your child about Sex, Drugs, and Violence



Why take parent education classes?

In recent studies, parents who attended parent education classes reported fewer behavior problems in their young children and an increased positive parental response.  In the US, researchers have found that programs to help parents develop confidence and parenting skills have contributed to improving their children's schoolwork and exam results.  Further, parent participation in various parent education classes contributes to the development of children into healthy, mature adults.












The “Parenting Duo”

  Parenting is a duet, while one sings the other claps!


 For a child, one of the most significant relationships is that between his mother and father.  Parenting young children can be very rewarding yet one of the most challenging tasks, especially when trying to do it together.  The “Parenting Duo” workshop can help parents meet the challenge!  This workshop helps parents collaborate while learning the different parenting styles and adapting to proven principles and techniques of parenting young children.  Parents who have active and productive relationships with each other become more efficient in their roles as parents.  The “Parenting Duo” workshop is designed to support and inform parents with practical activities and techniques in communication, discipline, and problem-solving unique to young children.











While parenting can be very rewarding, it is one of the most challenging tasks one can face.  CPR helps parents meet those challenges by providing practical expertise tailored to each family's individual needs.

Featured Parenting Workshops

"Goo Goo" "Ga Ga" 

And Everything in Between!

You and Your Child's first year

Children grow and develop at an accelerated pace during their first year.  Often this rapid development can be quite stressful for a new or even experienced parent.  The "Goo Goo" "Ga Ga" workshop full with activities, small group interaction, and hands-on experiences will help parents understand this critical year while learning some time and mind saving tips!

In addition, this workshop covers the use and purchase of appropriate toys and materials uniquely designed for their infant child.

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