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Free2B is a 90-minute educational program providing knowledge about peer bullying and the important role of the bystander.


This educational multisensory program is a combined efforts of 15 years of research conducted by CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) expressing the voice of the youth and LCE's cutting edge technology.


This is the most innovative and technologically sophisticated bullying prevention program possible and the outcomes speak out loud.

Impact Reaserch


 Before the program, 61% of the students said they were concerned or very concerned by bullying in their school. This really speaks to how important of an issue this is.

Is bullying as a normal part of growing up?

Before the show, 53% of the students accepted bullying as a normal part of growing up.  After the show, 66% of them have changed their attitude leaving only 18% to hold this wrong perception.



Feel bad for someone          who was bullied

 Responsibility to help students who are bullied







Approach to the bullying victims





The program supports the sense of empathy and responsibility to help victims.


92% indicated Free2B teaches skills that students can use to stop bullying. 90% indicated that Free2B deals with issues that are important to them. 85% indicated that Free2B was a fun way to learn about bullying.



Students say:


Students expressed in their own words how they felt during and after the show.


"Students can relate to it if they are the bullies or the victims."


"It does make a difference."


Teachers Say:


Teachers expressing their views praising the program.


"Our sixth grade students are still talking about their experiences and what they learned from the presentation.

I received notes from students thanking me for inviting the Life Changing Experience team and how the sixth grade environment has improved."


"You have an awesome program and I personally see the changes in our sixth grade students.


""Thanks for your love of students in creating an effective program that reaches the heart, mind and souls of each student. Job well done!"


"Well, let me just say how IMPRESSED I was with the program and the facilitators! This program was phenomenal…we couldn’t have asked for anything better."


"We all learned something new and it gave us something to think about. We would love to have you back again. Please consider us for any future showings."


Experts Say:


“The magic of this is the science and the technology together to give real time effective interaction, intervention, and also data.”

Flaura K. Winston, MD, PhD
Scientific Director at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


“The most innovative and technologically sophisticated brief bullying prevention program possible.  One that is feasible and can be scaled and disseminated to many audiences across the country and world.”
Stephen Leff, PhD
Co-Director for the Violence Prevention Initiative
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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