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Tamika graduated from Williamstown High School in 1993. Tamika enjoyed participating in the marching band, concert band, and orchestra. Other activities include theater, Black Culture Club, and Health Careers Club.



Tamika Bain


Tamika Bain is an outspoken advocate for education that challenges young people to reach their full potential. She has worked with a vast number of children and their families across all social and economical arenas. Her philosophy in education stems from a passion to see children and youth grow, develop and be nurtured in homes where parents have the skills, knowledge and dispositions to care for their children.


She is the Founder and Executive Director of Children and Parent Resource Group (CPR). CPR is a nonprofit educational organization offering a multi-faced approach to strengthening outcomes for children and youth. Its outreach falls within three main headings: Parent & Professional Training, Education Consultation and Youth Development Programs & Research.

CPR is dedicated to providing evidenced- based resources that resuscitate and bring vigor to

children, youth and their families.


In 2007, Tamika was introduced to Ori Yardeni, creator and developer of multi-sensory educational programs and became CEO of Cinema Park-USA based in Greensboro, NC. Considered the next generation of high quality films, Cinema Park presents six unique multi-sensory, interactive experiences including 3-D technology, surround sound, laser lights, motion, dark theatre and interactive gaming with footage from NASA, BBC, National Geographic, the Discovery Network and others. Leading a team of US educators and clinicians Cinema Park’s library of science based programs and educational applications were adapted for American student under her leadership.


Realizing the crucial social issues youth faced daily, Tamika joined Mr.Yardeni and his programs, Life Changing Experiences, in developing and implementing multi sensory intervention and prevention programs for school aged children and youth. The current library of programs include,Planet Home: Green initiatives and Sustainability, Addicted 2 Life: Alcohol and Other Drugs, Cinema Drive: Teen Driving and a joint project with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Living Together: Bully and Aggression.


In 2012, the Life Changing Experiences  Community Education Project was implemented as a CPR resource to provide these special programs at no cost to students and educators.


Tamika is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, with a BS in

Human Environment and Family Studies. 

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